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Instant Feedback from your customers through your professionally designed web site
Instant Feedback

Web pages can be viewed from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving thousands of potential customers global access to your business. Hundreds of people can be viewing and interacting with your site at any time of the day. (Think about that statement for a moment.)


Your web site will provide mechanisms for sending electronic mail and order entry form information over the Internet. This allows for faster feedback from customers so you can respond at their request for orders or more information without being a slave to the telephone's ring. Customers view communication in "Internet Time" as a real advantage.


Obtaining feedback or requests for more information from your customers is a very important part of your web site. Your web pages will be designed so you can obtain information from your customers through e-mail.


Other pages can be designed to provide you with information from your customers through surveys, questionnaires, or order forms. This allows customers that visit your web site a quick and convenient way of providing you with the requested feedback of information.


Users of the Web prefer interactive sites so they don't have to take their time to physically mail a form. Response rates are better than traditional canvassing techniques.


By having Grizzly Web Designers place your business presence on the Web you have made a highly positive step on the path to attracting more customers. We are "affordable" to anyone who is serious about online marketing of products and services.


Why not try our feedback form and request a free quote on the development of your business web site. Our design team can ensure your business becomes competitive on the Web.

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