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Web Site Planning with Grizzly Web Designers
Site Planning
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Our concept of designing and implementing your web site is based on a marketing approach. In today's marketplace merely having a decent looking web site is not enough.


Therefore the initial pre-planning of your web site is very important. This pre-planning exercise has been included to assist you to generate some ideas to be used to develop an initial concept and eventual content for the web site. Preparing this information prior to our consultation will be beneficial and time saving to you and the development team and can be a useful brainstorming tool for you when marketing your business now and in the future.

  • Define your Objective: Enhance your business image? Promote or sell products to consumers or wholesalers? Generate additional or your main revenue? Develop brand name recognition? Develop a national or global marketplace for your business?

  • Define Your Audience: Design your web site from the perspective of your audience; not your organization. Will you be marketing and selling products or services to the public? Are you providing business-to-business products or services? Offering expertise to other professionals in the field? Regardless of your motives, if you want visitors to come back a second or third time, you have to offer them some incentive. That incentive should be the same motivation that spurs you on in developing your web site. In what kind of situations would visitors come to your site and try to think about how you would address each of their needs.

  • Define a Unique Concept: Sometimes called a “unique selling proposition”. What is your competitive edge in the marketplace? How is your business different or better than your competition? How do you make life easier for your customer? Do you plan to compete on price, quality or service or the uniqueness of your product or ideas? Will you do a better job of marketing than your competition? Can you bring to the table special products, knowledge, contacts, and sources? Plan your site with this in mind.

  • Research Competitor Sites: Is your competition on the Web. Look at your competitors, similar organizations or businesses, sites dealing with similar services, products or even your supplier's web sites. Make lists of content, features, and design elements you like and dislike. Ask some current clients what they like or dislike about similar sites.

  • Consider Site Features: This could include a content management package, special web applications, a shopping cart, or special graphic elements.

  • Budget for the Site: Your web site should not be considered a one-time marketing expense. See this as a strategic initiative. Your web site has to be integrated into your existing and long-term business and marketing plans. Budget for the initial cost of site design and development, but also keep in mind that you'll want to update your site to reflect changes and updates to your business.

  • Marketing Strategy: Remember to allocate part of your budget to online marketing. You will also want to coordinate your online and print media design plans. Will you be using print advertising to advertise your site? Sending targeted emails or newsletters?

  • Site Content: Collect an inventory of the content you already have in printed brochures, flyers or newsletters. Collect the best graphics or photos you have for logos, signs, posters, products, staff or personnel. Get your product database or other materials you want on your web site and we'll assemble the content. Or, we can design graphics, compose the content, and create other material for you.

  • Target Date: Set up a time frame of when you plan to review, write or provide site content, who you have to meet with to make decisions and a target date of when you want the site to be up and running.

After reviewing this information you will know a lot more about what goes into the development and implementation of a web site.


A web site planning guide outline is available upon request in pdf format. We hope this will make the pre-planning process a little easier.


This pre-planning stage will no doubt generate a number of questions. Please make a note of those questions, as we are here to answer your questions when we talk on the phone. (Remember too that the only silly question is the one that you don’t ask and wish you did later!)


Please call or contact us and one of our representatives will discuss the development and planning of your web site in greater detail.

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