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Edward (Ted) Cutlan - Our Infamous Copywriter
Ted Cutlan
Ted Cutlan - Copywriter

Our Infamous Copywriter

Among the skill sets Ted contributes to Grizzly Web Designers: Sales, marketing and business development/public relations programs/web site, print and broadcast copy writing and trade show program development.


Ted has been involved in the field of business development, sales and marketing management for 30 years. Ted has a broad range of experience in marketing and sales.



In addition to the tourism, food service, and hospitality sectors, Ted has a long term background in oil and gas service sector organizations, electrical power generation companies, industrial/agricutural, agchemical and commodity related companies. He enjoys meeting and dealing with people at all levels of business from field to board room.


Ted enjoys dealing with people from a variety of business areas and has good listening skills. He understands the challenges faced by all business people today and thus can help determine specific needs and offer creative solutions. Ted has developed marketing and advertising campaigns for start up businesses as diverse as small and mid sized energy service contractors, small power generation companies and mid sized publicly held organizations. Ted has carefully and successfully crafted sensitive programs for endeavours such as funeral service organizations and non-profit palliative care services. Ted has written numerous trade journal features and has developed print advertising campaigns, trade specific newspaper advice columns and radio broadcast advertising campaigns for a wide variety of private, non profit and public clients.


In addition to enjoying his daily work, Ted's interests are family, friends, reading, art, music and living on the prairies near the Canadian Rockies. Ted continues to serve on a number of volunteer boards in the cultural, health and public service areas and enjoys playing small roles in area political campaigns and civic life.



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